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Automotive deliveries on time for Tracomex


We partnered with Tracomex and created a mobile delivery tracking solution to accelerate car deliveries. Delivery cycles went down from weeks to days and eliminated delivery errors.

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    Grupo Tracomex

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    Platform Development

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Logistic errors that turn into delivery's delays

The growing demand for new cars in Mexico has elevated these logistical challenges. The issues around delivering finished cars that Tracomex is dealing with represent significant problems plaguing many businesses today. Management is looking at how to empower drivers with the right tools to eliminate errors and expedite bottlenecks. How to reduce shipping time, so customers get their new car faster?


Deliverying presicion on time

We partnered with Tracomex to build their mobile delivery tracking system. It simplifies the process of sending car shipments and tracks the delivery trip. Additionally, it is following Mexican regulation NOM-SCT-2-087-2017.

No more shipping errors. Employees can verify the shipping manifest using their smartphones. They simply scan the vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number) to begin a new delivery.


An onboard smart digital tachograph was put in place to track driving hours, rest hours, the number of stops, average speed, real-time location, travel route, and others. All are done in accordance with Mexican regulations for carrier compliance (NOM-SCT-2-087-2017). Additionally, our system allows the driver to track delivery irregularities and record any damage done to the vehicle.


Once the driver delivers a unit, the delivery receipt is generated automatically and immediately sends an electronic invoice to the customer. In summary, we delivered a full-featured mobile delivery tracking system.


Solution by the numbers.

Customers receive their new cars 2.5 times faster

32% decrease in logistics costs due to error prevention

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