JavaScript is the best language to start programming?

JavaScript best language start programming

During my experience as a programmer, I have worked with many different languages. But I remember the first language I learned very clearly, C ++. This language requires you to write many lines of code, just to do simple things like print a console line. This made me think if C ++ is the best option to start programming. It was my misfortune, where I had no choice of choosing another language. At this time, I had no opportunity to discover other wonderful worlds of programming.

At that time, I was in my freshman year. I was simply following the program established by my university. I remember that at the beginning of the course I had a hard time understanding the logic and the flow. C++ made me believe becoming a programmer would be very difficult.


With this in mind, a question came to me, what would be the best language to learn to program? During my second year at school, I had the pleasure of working with JavaScript in the front-end and also in the back-end. I discovered the flexibility that this language has. It can adapt to any situation or problem that you want to solve. This language has a large development community to help you solve problems when you cannot find a solution alone.

Additional reasons I support it include, it continues to be relevant, opens up job opportunities, and teaches core concepts. So, in my opinion, JavaScript is the best programming language to learn first. Let look at some details and why I think it is the best. 

Let’s define JavaScript

JavaScript has nothing to do with the Java programming language. Rather, it is a scripting language for the browser that runs the client-side code. This means that any code that is written in JavaScript is executed from the user’s browser instead of directly on the server where the web page is located. 

General advantages of JavaScript include: 

  1. It is a simple language to learn.
  2. The language is very fast in the execution of functions.
  3. It is supported by the most popular browsers and is compatible with almost all modern devices.
  4. It is very versatile since it can currently be run on the server-side.
  5. The language is multiplatform and can be executed in any operating system
  6. It has many frames on the front end side that allows us to make things easier and faster. For example, Angular, React JS and Vue JS, are the most famous frameworks.
  7. It is one of the languages ​​that allow you to work in FullStack mode in one language.
  8. With JavaScript, you can use any type of programming methodology.
Coder’s Opinion

In my final opinion, all languages are excellent in a different situation but if you want to start learning to program JavaScript is a great option. The language is very comfortable for your understanding and it is a language that will allow you to better understand the logic you need to start a program, especially if you are starting to program.


No matter what, programming is not simple. Many times, you will bang your head with the problems. But in the end, there is a lot of personal rewards. Nothing is more satisfying than finding a solution to a problem that nobody else could solve.

So, I recommend that you learn patience, practice, and consider JavaScript as your first programming language. Soon, you will be on your way to becoming the IT professional your dreaming about.


Back-End: Server side development.
Front-End: Customer side development.

Framework: is a universal and reusable software platform to develop software applications, products, and solutions. In other words, we can say that it is a kind of library, a piece of software that provides web developers with a code base. It is a consistent and standardized way to create web applications.

Full Stack: A programmer with a very complete technical profile that knows how to handle in the back-end as in the front-end.

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