When your Customer goes mobile
your company should go too.

Reinvent the way customers experience and engage with your company and brand through a full spectrum of digital channels iPhone, Smart TV, Web browser, Apple Watch, Amazon Echo or even in their Car

Customer-centered application development services. Go further the pocket screen
Why working with us?
Fast time to market
INMEDIATUM team is formed by world-class certified senior engineers and design thinkers recognized and certified by organizations such as Apple, Google, Amazon AWS, IBM, Oracle, ITIL,Interaction Design Institute, Singularity University among others which allows us deploying in terms of weeks, not quarters.

Sometimes business success in how fast can we take on opportunities, learn how we built and launch this telemedicine program in weeks just ready for flu season.

Customer-obsessed design
Delightful and elegant User Interface design combined with optimized business process integration generates wonderful experiences that customer love and talk about. Along with your team we define positive customer experience aligned with your business goals and operational capacities.

Great customer experiences are by design, no matter which device. Apple Car, Android Auto, Apple Watch, Smartwatches, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and more

Enterprise Integration made easy
Our unique secure and scalable architecture design, API First enables to integrate easily all your data sources from multiple enterprise application such as SAP, Oracle Siebel, SalesForce, Zoho and other existing CRM and ERPs.

Customer service automation to generate a 100% custom personal experience with each customer. We partner with Sweden Car manufacturer leader to integrate their car booking system and their ERP building their own personal assistant empowered by AI.

Your data is always safe.
We are GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI compliant and ISO 27001 certified

We partner with moneyamigo to build this Award-winning banking application with PCI compliance, serving customers with high availability and security

On the Cloud, on-premise or hybrid
On the Cloud of our trusted partners Amazon AWS and IBM Cloud, at home or hybrid architectures. You choose.
Maintenance & continual improvement
Support and maintenance for every solution, we are there when you need us. All customer support policies include a set of development hours to keep improving your solution
Ready to scale at your business pace.
From small teams to thousands of employees our solutions are built to be elastic and scale as you need, no more downtimes when running a successful marketing campaign. Deploy a solution from local pilot to a global scale in days.
Meet some customers

"Alexa, I need a dentist..." - We partner with major dentist discount network to book dentist appointments cover by customer's membership


We partner with SiVale to empower their customer to check their pantry voucher balance and perform transfers among cardholders using text messages, cutting off 1-800 Calls cost


We partner with Dominos and Samsung to enabled hungry customers to order their pizza from their Samsung Smart TV.

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