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Unleash your company’s sustainable growth and competitive edge through data-driven decisions, actions, and automation.

Every organization faces unique challenges and priorities when it comes to delivering value.  Data-led Transformation leverages modern platforms, AI, and a strong data foundation to deliver sustainable growth.

Meet our Data Science capabilities.

Data science is an essential element in any successful business. With proper data science in place, an organization benefits in many ways. Among the advantages of well-organized data science are:

Increased productivity

Fewer compatibility issues

Improved security

Increased adherence to data governance

Reduced risk of data loss

Increased decision learning

Enhanced data quality

Smarter and predictive decisions

Our Services

Data Science Consulting Services

Data science services are in a phase of constant evolution. To ensure that you stay ahead of this, our data science consulting firm will enable your teams to create and implement the business intelligence and analytical tools that suit your organization’s needs for practical insight and strategic decision-making.

Data science services are frequently needed for today’s modern business practices. To stay ahead of all of your incoming data and gain actionable insights, you will collaborate with seasoned data analytics and data science consulting experts who understand how to harness agile development to realize the full business value of your data assets.

INMEDIATUM achieves this by creating a data-centric development environment.

When you work with us, we will start by assessing your development environment and business analytics needs in tandem. This allows us to recommend and showcase effective development approaches and tools, and share best-practice guidelines for your data and storage management.

We transfer analytics and data science expertise to your team at every project juncture through extensive documentation, coaching, and collaborative proof-of-concept projects. In doing so, INMEDIATUM focuses on empowering our clients’ employees to become autonomous quickly and evolve their data insight practice without outside assistance.

Our Services

Data Science Development

INMEDIATUM creates and deploys software solutions and architectures that help you transform data assets into business results.

When we work with you on BI and data science solutions, we typically begin by assessing the operational and technical complexity and the maturity of your data science practices and infrastructure. 

We think of this in terms of five stages:

1.- Foundational BI

Many companies use multiple business solutions and systems of reference by applying various reporting tools to the data in these sources. INMEDIATUM creates reporting and analytical tools to enable sound decisions based on all the transactional, structured, and unstructured data that matters.

2.- Advanced reporting and business insight

INMEDIATUM optimizes your data architecture to streamline and unify data collection and reporting. We build a centralized data repository that interfaces with your business systems through created APIs. We also perform any data migrations and system integrations, using customized or standard solutions. We use ETL tools to transform and standardize a large variety of data types to make them available for comprehensive reporting and sophisticated analysis.

3.- Data visualization

Businesses often must make far-ranging decisions whose validity depends on trusted data evidence. It can be cumbersome for most professionals to dig into reports and wonder about data sources. INMEDIATUM delivers role-specific, interactive dashboards, scorecards, and other visual tools that enable executives and users to perform strategic planning and decisions confidently. We provide robust, intuitive functionality that accesses your data repositories and offers a satisfying, productive user experience.

4.-Data Science

INMEDIATUM applies advanced discovery techniques, classifications, and analytical approaches to your data masses. We identify opportunities for machine learning and adopt the practice to augment your forecasting and business planning with greater reliability and a wider reach. INMEDIATUM’s developers create solutions and services to access your data lake and process its information. We deploy proven, standardized resources like Hadoop clusters or analytical tools available from Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure when they fit your requirements.

5.- Data Innovation

Many high-value innovation scenarios that depend on a company’s data assets are ripe for action. Let INMEDIATUM brings them to fruition. Maybe you want to encourage customers to act sooner by giving them choices based on earlier decisions and known preferences. Or, users might be able to advance workflows more rapidly and dependably when their mobile business applications can benefit from an efficient analysis of real-time IoT data. Your goals and vision determine the scope of our efforts.

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