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Mobile dial testing for improved market research

Market surveys have promoted political candidates to presidents. Marketing research has developed business ideas into billion-dollar corporations. Additionally, advertisers depend on data and experience to interpret customer feedback. To generate this data, more and more market research firms are turning to mobile solutions. Keep reading to learn how mobile dial testing improves your market research strategy.

Setting the foundation

Dial testing has been the backbone for market and public opinion research. This methodology allows you to conduct research in the most time and cost-effective way possible. The formal explanation of dial testing is as follows: it provides research participants to give real-time feedback on media content. Learning how this works gives you a better idea about the benefits. As participants watching advertisement videos, they can rate what they watch continuously, giving second-by-second feedback.

Top benefits of mobile dial testing as part of your improved marketing research strategy:

  • Inexpensive
  • Fast
  • Extends Reach
  • Improves Accuracy

Live, in-person focus group research will always have a place. But having the ability to conduct remote dial testing by using a mobile app offers many advantages. The idea of doing this type of test online not only adds convenience but many new benefits.

Mobile studies reduce costs.

Traditional systems involved travel to a physical location. This means logistical coordination efforts and travel costs. Providing hardware and physical space means incurring high costs. By offering these same studies via online systems or by using personal mobile devices regardless of location is a game-changer. It means reducing expenses while broadening the base of potential participants.

Uncover the most impactful, critical moments.

When you learn how your target audience perceives your video ads, you discover the critical emotional moments. Additional segmentation of your audience in the reports offers a chance to learn what elements are more influential for some versus others. This is another way to optimize ad spend by narrowing down target audiences.

Identify the messages that fall flat.

Just as the most positive moments of a campaign can be seen, so can all the times a video misses the intended goal. These moments can be adjusted or cut before the final release. By determining the weakest areas, marketers can overcome negatively rated segments by editing those out. Thus, companies avoid the risk of scraping entire campaigns.

mobile dial testing improves research
Remote dial testing eliminates bias.

In a group setting, groupthink quickly becomes a dominant factor. Respondents with strong characters take over an entire study. This type of interference does not help prepare accurate research summaries. By allowing the respondent to conduct studies in their most comfortable setting, you receive genuine and independent contributions. The overall accuracy increases, giving researchers a better chance at delivering accurate assessments.

Adding quantitative survey questions tells a more vibrant story.

Dial tests typically reflect the emotional impact on the viewers. When you add custom supporting survey questions, a researcher can dive deeper into a campaign evaluation. Leverage the power of these perception platforms to collect necessary supporting data and then visualize results in bar graphs, pie charts, other visual reporting components that aide in the overall analysis.

Survey participants provide feedback with self-recorded videos.

A recorded video gives individuals a better opportunity to express themselves fully. As researchers know, some market study respondents have a unique and powerful way to summarize elements of a campaign. With the convenience of using their smart device, study participants are now able to respond to follow up questions by recording a video response. Their real emotions come out in their facial movements and voice. These types of videos give marketing teams the thoughtful insights they were seeking.

Study reports are generated immediately.

Frequently, customers have a need to learn right away how a video, media file, or news item is influencing people. The benefit of the online studies includes the ability to see results as they are submitted to the system. This is because many of the quantitative questions are analyzed immediately. Reports are accessed via the internet and can be reviewed in real-time.

Mobile dial testing research is effective, scalable, and versatile.

Market studies are easily initiated by sending out text messages. Clicking that link takes invitees to a questionnaire, where they are quickly segmented and qualified for specific studies.

Upon qualifying for a study, a respondent will use their own smart device to submit responses. Sophisticated data collection apps are easily installed on iOs or Android devices. This means users don’t need to be given expensive hardware to participate. A target audience could be dispersed across different countries, but each person will have the same opportunity to contribute. The software and the study questions can be translated to any language required. Now, researchers have the potential to perform global market research.

Execute sophisticated market research within your budget.

Mobile dial testing improves audience reach, reduces costs, and provides value. If you are a market researcher looking for a mobile dial testing solution, contact us to see a live demo. We can provide a custom package to match your goals. Our offer includes a dedicated customer success manager that ensures you achieve every objective with our technology.

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Robert Cushman
Robert Cushman

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