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Blockchain for Supply chain

Transforming supply chains with smart blockchain solutions.

INMEDIATUMs’ blockchain for Supply Chain provides the solution path for enterprises and industries that are wrestling with the challenging problems of modern complex supply chains and legacy systems.  Designed to enhance and integrate with existing systems, connect parties, and smart devices across extended supply chains.




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Unleashing the power of providing tracable value from your providers, manufacturers and distributors up to your consumer hands.


Supply chain enables.

Connectivity and Transparency

Problem: Limited digital connectivity between parties.

Solution: Connect across the supply chain: systems, channel partners, small entities, regulators, consumers, and smart devices (industry 4.0)

Cross-boundary identity and trusted data exchange from more parties extend visibility.

New Functionality and Innovation

Problem: Legacy systems cannot be updated with new functionality

Solution: Add new functionality through platform APIs, integration, and interoperability with existing systems

Access trusted data from smart devices. Add services such as sales, purchasing, logistics, and payments through our Trusted Chain.

Channel Integrity

Problem: Diversion, Track, and Trace, Provenance, Chain of Custody.

Solution: Blockchain provides verifiable records of data, events, identities, communications, and business processes; multiple sources but a single trust anchor

Trusted Chain toolset for channel integrity

Protection from Counterfeits

Problem: Illicit trade, black market, counterfeit, and over-production.

Solution: Combine state-of-the-art physical authentication methods with cryptographically enhanced digital twin licensing and tracking technology

Physical authentication plus track and trace backed by a scalable blockchain


Problem: Difficult to automate across different third-party systems.

Solution: Add automated processes and bi-directional communications with channel partners through our Trusted Chain platform

Automation with accountability and independent verification


Problem: Lack of connectivity and interoperability leads to manual processes and paper-based solutions.

Solution: Replace manual processes and paperwork with multi-party digital transactions through the Secure Chai platform

Drive digital transformation

Prediction and remediation

Problem: Lack of Trusted Data for Business Analysis and Decision Making.

Solution: Trusted data collected with verifiable identity, state, and provenance from parties and smart devices across the supply chain.

AI and machine learning are performed on a broader data set for optimal remediation and decision making.

Automation of compliance

Problem: Compliance with the business process based on manual auditing procedures.

Solution: Deliver trusted evidence of compliance with the business processes in my supply chain to my regulators.

Reporting to auditors, customs, and tax authorities allows for independent verification.

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