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3 musts for user acquisition

With over 3 million apps in the market place and over six thousand apps released by Google Play per day, getting your new mobile app noticed takes more than telling friends and family. Your 3 musts for user acquisition are to prepare a sound marketing plan, secure substantial capital for paid campaigns, and commit to consistent execution. Proper preparation will significantly improve your chances for success, but actual success rates vary because the term is open to interpretation. Will it be measured by the number of downloads, sales dollars, or customer engagement levels? Consequently, it is recommended to agree on success criteria before launch.


Following proven marketing strategies are a sure way to increase your chances of launching a breakthrough app. Combing experience with research, we have summarized the essential methods below. Tweaking each of these components and making them your own is part of the hard work excellent marketing teams will do pre-launch.

  • Research and define your target persona. A target audience persona outlines a typical member of a target audience. The benefit of knowing exactly who you’re talking to can mean learning how to give users an experience they will genuinely connect with.
  • Discover as much as possible about your competitors. The more you learn and understand them, the more likely you can improve upon their strengths and better distinguish your business.
  • Create and optimize a website. A site that works perfectly on mobile devices with strong SEO attributes and communicates trust is a great way to earn more visibility.
  • Plan and build an impactful video. Customers want to experience a feeling when they spend money or time, and the best way to get their emotions jacked up is by providing them with a video. Test your video without sound, and if you are still moved, you have a winner.
  • Execute your social media plan. You’re going to reach a ton of prospects with social media, but your marketing efforts must be focused on that targeted persona.

Assess your metrics on a scheduled basis. Lazy analytics reporting will not cut it if you want to manage campaigns properly. Define goals and interpret the reports, then always update your tactics.


No matter how innovative your app is, it will readily be lost in a sea of millions, unless you pay to promote it. There may not be a magic number to get your app in the top 25 spot for your category, but Fisku Research reports that the high ranking apps will spend more than 30K in digital ads. Having a substantial percentage of your budget dedicated to your project seems to be the heart of the matter. The new rule of thumb in the industry is whatever your development budget amounts to, your marketing budget should at least match that. Remember to keep a backup fund for customer reengagement.

popular social media
Growing Social Media by mkmarketing and licenced under CC 2.0

Customer acquisition always involves social media. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter, in particular, being proven resources for campaigns. Target custom audiences and keep them informed of news, milestones affirming popularity, and feature updates. Make users feel valued, have a conversation with people, and share community insights that build the brand.


Winning the hearts and minds of a fickle audience requires a holistic approach. You must have a myriad of marketings tasks scheduled every day to build a solid user base. While marketing spend may bring waves of new users, it is the daily grind of analyzing data that determines a winning user acquisition strategy. Dedicate yourself to the long game, and you will be able to conquer any plateau.

Robert Cushman
Robert Cushman

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