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How to practice for coding interview

If you are close to having your coding interview to some company, this may mean that you are in the final filters to get the job, congratulations!. Today we are going to practice coding interviews

The interviews of code, normally, are given by the same developers of the company, or it can be by your next co-worker or by your next project leader.

It is where you will realize how much or little you know, and what really matters for each company.

It is also common for you to get to feel a little nervous because perhaps it is the interview for the company you have always dreamed of entering.

Here are some pages where you can prepare for your coding interview:
What better way to prepare for your coding interview, but to practice it. In these pages, you can schedule and have anonymous interviews with workers from Google, Facebook, AWS, Airbnb Microsoft and others:

URL: https://interviewing.io/
URL: https://www.pramp.com/

Someone telling you that you are doing things wrong maybe a bit disappointing, but it is always good when they are constructive criticisms to improve our code.

In Reddit, there is a section where you can upload code fragments and other users can make observations of your code so you can improve it, or even detect possible memory or logic leaks.
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/CritiqueMyCode/

Of course, to master in an interview, you must know about the new technologies and know which one is better to use depending on the type of requirement you must make. Here I leave you one more reading of our blog that can be of great help.
Which technologies to master and learn in 2020
URL: https://inmediatum.com/en/blog/innovation/which-technologies-to-master-and-learn-in-2020/

Remember that it is always good to live with more people who do the same as you, give and receive constructive criticism, but above all always keep learning from everything.

Aldo Barba
Aldo Barba

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