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Advantages of process innovation

We live in an era of accelerated and constant changes. We see drastic changes from the technology we interact with daily, such as Big Data, Blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. Recently, we are witnessing exponential technological leaps that are impacting many different types of industries. These rapid advances require companies to be alert, transform and adapt to change. So while process innovation is often invisible to the customer, its impact serves as a strategy that allows organizations to perform at higher levels.


Sometimes process innovation gets overlooked for this reason. If it’s difficult to demonstrate benefits to customers, convincing management to make the necessary investment can be difficult. However, many savvy business leaders target process innovation to get upgraded first. By reducing operational costs and the time to make a product or perform a service, we can find immediate value. 

Improving productivity in a company is based on minimizing waste. That is why it is essential to constantly optimize our processes that will affect the other strategies of the company. If it’s not yet clear, here are additional advantages for investing in process innovation. 


Processes innovation is not an expense, it is an investment in which the fruits will be reflected in the short, medium and long term. Since it radically decreases the time that people devote to a single task, each worker is allowed to do more in the same amount of time worked.


Process innovation has a great impact on people’s motivation since a shorter learning curve increases productivity. It also tends to generate employee satisfaction by empowering workers to achieve more in less time.


We are all human. This means the pressures of excessive workloads or other stress factors can cause failure. But processes innovation brings efficiency. It facilitates automation, standardization, and ultimately a significant reduction of human error. 

errores humanos

Having an automated system allows all company departments to know the status of any product or service. The impact is especially relevant when this information is generated in real-time.


A CEO always faces having to make assertive decisions in a very short period of time. Making the best choice is complicated by being in a global market and operating 24 hours every day. Processes innovation simplifies decision making. It lets leaders make data driven decisions. Having accurate information exactly when needed easily becomes a competitive advantage.


While trying to keep pace in a hypercompetitive environment, make sure strategic planning sessions include process improvement objectives. The decisions that get made to shape an organization’s activities should keep the customer’s needs in the forefront.  

A successful business has innovation at its core. A company that creates a culture of innovation becomes more efficient and learns to optimize resources. This gives a company strength. 

Only the strongest and healthiest companies have the ability to exceed customer expectations. Great service, delivering the fastest, with the highest quality standards are the rewards for your process optimization investments. Always resulting in happy customers. 

“It is not possible to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions”, Roger Van Oech.

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Carla Serrato
Carla Serrato
Especialista en ciencias sociales y de comportamiento. Carla no solo asesora a nuestro departamento de UX en INMEDIATUM sino que su investigación permite optimizar nuestros algoritmos de inteligencia artificial como para la prevención de riesgo crediticio, genera mejor adherencia a tratamientos médicos, reconocimiento facial para identificar rasgos de la personalidad entre otros.

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