Why do we help companies to innovate?
You might be shocked when I tell you that 70% of the companies that were on the Fortune 1000 list just 10 years ago, have fallen off.

Innovation for a company is not adapting to change, is to seize this ‘change’ to transform ourselves and evolve in something better, something that set us at the top of our industry, something that makes us stronger, faster, smarter and makes us keep ahead

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About Us

We are humans who honor life by creating simple to use and yet robust solutions to solve the world’s most complex problems using innovation strategy and leading-edge technology.

We believe that technology should be used to empower people to become better, better doctors, architects, artists, chefs, advisors and investors, better mothers and sisters, better humans.

We foster the use of technology with the only purpose of empowering people to be their best, and we call it, humanized technology.

Why we do it?

We believe that technology is nothing without humans.
Technology is absolutely fantastic for the exchange of information and the sharing of ideas, technology is absolutely wonderful for speeding transactions, it’s excellent for resourcing and finding people but it is terrible for creating human connections.
The world has changed, we live in an era where companies have the option to adapt to major change or die. However, we believe that today people and companies have the potential to disrupt and generate change and create an impact on a wider scope than ever before through innovation and technology.
We innovate because we aim to serve and empower people who hing disruptive not due to coercion but because of a desire to transform their industry, their community, their lives, making for a better, smarter and brighter tomorrow.
At INMEDIATUM we facilitate human interactions between people and companies that make them grow and thrive using technology, again it is humanized technology.

We know innovation

At INMEDIATUM, we help you define what success means to you and what innovative practices and techniques you can adapt to be market leaders in your segment.

Why are we the best at growing your business through innovation?

We will work together with you to map out the customer journey, highlight unmet consumer needs, gaps, and opportunities in your markets. We do this by using a series of proven innovation techniques and proprietary IP that can be tuned and contextualized for your business and are focused on creating innovative solutions ready to launch on time and budget.

We're fortunate to work with fantastic clients from across the globe in 3 continents on innovation and business mobility.
Our Approach

Technology is created by people, not the other way around; our focus is making better humans using technology, better employees, better doctors, better mothers, and sisters. Empowering people drives the company’s transformation with profitable growth.

Our Mission

Facilitate human interactions between people and companies that make them grow and thrive using technology.

Just like anything in life is not about companies it’s about people, I think the strength of INMEDIATUM is their team, who are able to take a clear direction and make it tangible quickly and deliver great results

Kim Norland
CEO moneyamigo

INMEDIATUM represents a very unique combination of creativity, forward thinking practical recommendations and solid but effortless processes. They really have a keen understanding of the market which turned into a competitive advantage for us and measurable results

Saul Motte
CTO Grupo Monex

INMEDIATUM has a problem-solving approach. They really partner with use, they bond the problems we want to solve as their and they gave a feasible solution on time, which is weird to find in IT.

Victor Lepe
IT Director Grupo Herso
Why us?
  • We deliver on time in budget, period.
  • Proven results
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Trusted from Startups to Fortune 500 companies
  • Experience, We are one of the oldest and smarter innovation & business mobility firms
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Believes in Karma, Umami and the eight virtues of Bushido

Aldo Barba
Chief Research & Officer

Believes in No matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you get up

Erik Anaya
Customer Success Manager LATAM & Emerging Markets

Believes in It’s easy to make money, it’s much harder to make a difference

Carla Serrato
Chief Opportunity Officer

Believes in Inspiration, passion, love, loyalty… cornerstones of success in every area of life.

Eduardo Rodriguez
Head of Innovation Engineering for Mass Market

Believes in The inspiration to create comes in different ways, just believe in yourself and do not stop trying until you get it

Osiris Hernandez
Head of Innovation Engineering for Cross-market

Believes in A true warrior is not the one who always win, but the one that always fights

Carlos Serrato
Chairman & Investment Officer

Believes in having an open mind, Earth isn’t flat, humanity reached the moon, but believes we can break all limits others set for us

Guillermo Gacia
Head of Innovation Engineering for Premium Market

Believes in If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.

Carmen Lopez
Vice president of Operations
Proven expertise

Obsessed to provide you and your business the best value faster, we focused on flexibility, high availability, scalability, security, and performance that is why we work with the world’s most advanced technology to achieve it: