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The ultimate healthcare discount program

HEALTHCARE ACCESS FOR EVERYONE Healthcare services could be affordable. We partner with amigohealth to build the most affordable telemedicine solution and healthcare program in USA.


Sometimes business success relies on how fast can we take on opportunities, learn how we built and launch this telemedicine program in weeks just ready for flu season.

  • Client

    Amigo Health

  • Services

    Platform Development

  • Industry

    Healthcare, Telemedicine


Healthcare is expensive

It’s a huge challenge to provide quality health care to everyone. Currently, we see the need to offer more services at better rates, especially for families. They typically need additional support and convenience options to go along with their busy lifestyles. So, when amigohealth asked us for help meeting this challenge and building the ultimate healthcare discount program, we couldn’t say no. However, we didn’t have long before the next flu season was going to hit.


Affordable healthcare for the entire household

Reinventing a unique customer experience was what we achieved when helping amigohealth promote its healthcare discount program. Together we transformed their traditional healthcare discount programs into the most affordable and robust telemedicine service in the U.S. Incredibly, the concept was realized in only 18 weeks. Our mobile app brought together 100,000 suppliers and offered families amazing discounts on a variety of healthcare services.

To achieve our production schedule, we used MVP and our Agile development methodology. Additionally, we leveraged a highly experienced and skilled engineering team. Together with amigohealth, we were able to define a business model from the ground up for their U.S. customer base.

The program idea was based on providing a free mobile app for customers to download and use. They could use the app to select a healthcare discount program and purchase it. After purchase, the app assisted customers in finding the doctors, dentists, and even vision providers as needed. Additionally, it gave customers and their entire household members access to telemedicine.

The result was the ultimate amigohealth healthcare discount program, offering a high-performing, multi-vendor integrated solution. This convenient and engaging customer experience was built for both iOS and Android. Our client and participating vendors alike agreed, that the entire integrated solution added tremendous value and allowed for competitive pricing.


Solution by the numbers.

It went from being just an idea to being launched into the market in only 18 weeks.

The most affordable telemedicine solution in the United States.

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