Lean innovation Management

Enabling corporations with startup speed to build and test digital products and services.


•   Proof of concept / Functional prototyping
•   Full product development
•   Innovation Lab

Proof of Concept

We utilize the Minimum Viable Product technique, so we help you to build the smallest and simplest version of your digital product or service that delivers value to a potential or real customer.

Companies will use a proof of concept to validate a service/product idea, to explore new markets or draft new business model of their existing services.

INMEDIATUM provides fast, agile and functional prototyping through a multidisciplinary team of experts to deliver a high-quality prototype of your service/product that can be used by real/potential customers in weeks.

A proof of concept allows your company to ideate tomorrow's products/services and business models so you can expose them to key stakeholders in a significantly short period of time.

Need help to define how much you should build into your MVP? We have you covered with that too.

Innovation Lab

Whether it is an experiment or a disruptive spin-off within the enterprise, the INMEDIATUM Innovation Lab is aimed at the delivery of continuous disruptive innovation to drive customer success.

This is like having a startup with entrepreneurial strategists, UX specialists, coders and marketers in your company.

From ideation to the value proposition and from product build to growth hacking.

Clear milestones and startup-style funding methods. Predetermined scope & budget. Worked on deliverables in cycles of 3, 4 or 6 months.

Companies use the innovation lab to provide continuity to their customers and develop a unique competitive advantage among their sectors.

Every project in the Lab is treated under top-secret confidentiality environment, we understand that your company’s experiment could become the next big thing, so we always manage it with secrecy and professionalism.

Here some companies that experiment with us