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The effective loyalty program you can trust.

•   Deploy a loyalty program that really works in weeks not months. •   Increase your average purchase with rewards. •   Measure your Customer Satisfaction Score, Customer Effort Score & Net Promoter Score •   Get real-time analytics of visitors in your stores •   No complex hardware required.


Easily create and update rewards in seconds that your customers can redeem by accumulating points earned by their purchases.

Create special deals for your customers in real time, send them straight to their smartphone and track its engagement and ROI.

Send micro-segmented push notification to your customers based on their demographics, GPS location, microlocation (inside your stores) and context.

Enable your employees with an easy to use mobile app that allows them to redeem rewards & deals as well as adding points to customers on the go.

No integration required with your existing POS systems, ready to use.

Whether your company is a global corporate with multiple brands or a small franchise with a single brand you are covered.

Send notification based on the context around your customer. Context is a combination of location, activity, time and your customer demographic information. This means you can send automatic personalized notifications to those customers that are women between 25-35 years that have more than 6 mins inside your store and that located in your dress rooms.

Traffic told the story of “how many.” That was it. Nothing more In-store analytics provides machine-learning in-venue analytics and data analysis tools that enables to answer:

“who”, “what”, “where” and “when” and when brought all together, goes a long way to determining “why” and “why not” as well

Enable all these features to build a brand-new app, or to the one you already have.


Delivery and shipments error free.
Track your purchase order not just your trucks

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