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Consumer & Retail

Mobile technologies have had a dramatic impact on Consumer and Retail, completely transforming brand engagement and awareness. Slowing growth and increasing costs have put additional strain on organisations in the sector, along with the need to innovate to remain competitive.

Fast changing technology, as well as consumer adoption of mobile, has resulted in Consumer and Retail leading the general market in mobile solution deployments. INMEDIATUM has experience in developing market leading mobile solutions to build brand loyalty and increase consumer engagement. Along with expertise in the development of consumer-facing solutions, INMEDIATUM has particular expertise in mobilising consumer and retail, through the development of mobile solutions to improve business processes, logistics operations and transform supply chain management.

Retail Pain Points
•   Queues at peak times
•   Customers not getting attention at peak times
•   Sales losses due to not restocking shop floor
•   Stock shortage issues
•   High staff turnover linked to poor back house procedures

Retail Drivers
•   Driving footfall
•   Consumer engagement and brand loyalty
•   Providing personalised offers to customers
•   Stock tracking
•   Access to big data and customer segmentation information

Customers in this sector:

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