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Construction & facilities management

In a sector characterised by volatile economic growth, there is growing pressure to to streamline operations, refine processes and drive cost savings. Mobile innovations are enabling companies to deliver these efficiencies through transforming business operations, workforce management and customer engagement by creating the mobile tools that provide employees, third parties and customers with what they need.

INMEDIATUM has a wealth of experience mobilising construction and facilities management, through the development of cohesive mobile strategies and developing enterprise mobile apps that dramatically improve remote workforce management, streamline workflows and business processes.

Construction & Manufacturing Pain Points
•   Production standstills
•   Health and safety compliance
•   High levels of administration
•   Wasted resource
•   Limited access to required information
•   Difficult to access complete data and information on operations

Construction & Manufacturing Drivers:
•   Productivity & Staff efficiency (training/information)
•   Onsite health and safety requirements
•   Cost reduction
•   Process management
•   Resource consumption efficiency – power, water, raw materials, staff Process Analytics
•   Asset management

Customers in this sector:

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