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Business mobility

INMEDIATUM is recognized throughout the industry for its team of in-house, bespoke end-to-end developers, UX experts, and QA engineers. As thought leaders in their particular specialisms, our UX and technical experts are engaged in developing overall and digital-specific strategies to ensure ideas are being evolved considering both user experience and technical specifications.

A seamless delivery process is led by our team of project managers who are adept at bringing together the work of our strategy, design and development teams. INMEDIATUM’s project management team work collaboratively with external client teams to understand objectives and drive action from client feedback, allowing for quicker delivery of quality applications.

At INMEDIATUM, the Customer Success Manager partners with client teams to manage the process from end-to-end as champions for the project, to safeguard the overall solution. As experts in overseeing the delivery of a wide range of large enterprise projects, INMEDIATUM’s Customer Success Management team are placed to advise clients on the optimal approach and tailor internal processes to the clients’ specific requirements. The team is flexible and easily adopts client project procedures and methodologies as needed; implementing a Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid approach.

As users have become more educated about digital interfaces and adept at using apps, webs and other interfaces, so expectations have been raised for user experience. Even the most utilitarian digital solution can use an immersive experience to guide and educate users in a meaningful way.

INMEDIATUM’s team of experts employ a user-centric approach during the development of the User Experience. This means aligning business and technical requirements with user needs and desires. It involves several stages: Discovery, Wireframing, and Design. Relevant design means enabling people to achieve tasks. We ensure each user is empowered to easily reach their desired outcome.

INMEDIATUM’s development team optimize application performance and security, to deliver robust, functional solutions to the enterprise.

We deliver full stack and full-service solutions thanks to our multidisciplinary and talented staff formed by:

Experience Design
UX Designers
UI Designers
UX Testers

Mobile Developers
Web Developers
Backend Engineers
Database Administrators
Cloud & Infrastructure Engineers
Machine Learning Engineers

Business Growth
Business Analysts
Digital Marketers
Mobile Marketers
Project Managers
Growth Hackers

We are obsessed with high availability, scalability, security, and performance. That is why we work with the world’s most advanced technology to achieve it:


Objective C

Server side & Backend
Ruby on Rails


Elastic Search
Elastic load balancing

Amazon AWS
Google Cloud

Digital solutions have become increasingly complex and intelligent, allowing companies to drive greater personal relevance while capturing valuable business insights. Just about every project requires the application to communicate with an online resource in some way, shape or form; requiring integration with CRM, ERP such SAP or back-end systems.

INMEDIATUM understands the complexities of integrating with back-end systems and has the in-house skills and experience to employ enterprise integration. We are experts in surfacing data and get involved in all aspects of designing and building robust APIs and mobile-ready back-ends.

To facilitate the delivery of a seamless experience and completely functional app, our quality assurance team tests every app to ensure they adhere strictly to defined specifications and requirements. The QA team’s extensive testing process involves using a combination of manual and automated methods, performed throughout the development process. The primary goal is to ensure the development of best in class mobile apps.

The testing process is led by carefully constructed verification plans, pulled together in a collaborative effort between the client and INMEDIATUM’s QA team.

Maintaining a digital solution is a continual process that requires updates based on user behavior and a thorough understanding of the analytics available, delivered by our support and maintenance offering.

Without measuring and analyzing how users interact with the solution, there is no way to justify business decisions, help improve apps or validate the ROI being driven by the solution. Careful analysis will provide an understanding of the returns, as well as how to optimize the solution for increased conversions, retentions and improved user experience.

INMEDIATUM integrates analytics into every solution that is built, as standard. Whether it's an enterprise application or a public app for consumers, it is essential to us that the solutions are continuously improved, based on the behavior within it.

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