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Artificial Intelligence
for enterprise

At INMEDIATUM we use artificial intelligence to build conversation experiences and technologies for global Fortune 500 companies.

Strategy then technology approach.

“Technology is made by humans not the other way around” This is our bottom line to define an strategy that always make sense for the final customer so we can guarantee real value is delivered.

Virtual Customer Service Agents

Virtual agents are conversational computer programs that interact directly with a customer without human intervention.

Virtual agents also allow for up-scaling with minimal cost adjustments. This is particularly useful during unexpected times of heavy call traffic. Virtual agents working in tandem with humans can manage spikes in demand without the need to hire additional agents. Relatedly, virtual agents reduce the overall the number of employees needed by independently managing high-volume, low-value transactions. This frees companies from the hiring, training, and assimilating of new employees and yields significant cost savings.

A virtual agent by INMEDIATUM understands 12 different languages including: English, Spanish, Korean, German, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese

No need to install new apps, virtual agents by INMEDIATUM can provide service through multichannels with simple integration.

Don’t have time to text, let’s talk.
Virtual agent by INMEDIATUM can also understand and provide answers through voice

•   Amazon Echo •   Google Home •   Google Assistant •   Phone integrated with your IVR system

Artificial Intelligence for everyone

Conversational interfaces will replace graphical interfaces as the most effective way to engage customers with your products and services. Fortune 500 stalwarts who leverage the latest A.I- and automation technologies will maintain their lead in innovation and profits.

You’re competitive when your clients are competitive. We bring your customers up to speed on critical new conversational technologies and complement your team with our research & development capabilities.

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