Technology without sacrificing privacy

Technology technology without sacrificing privacy

As we know today’s technological advances are constantly increasing, because humanity seeks every daymeet their needs more easily, thus improving the quality, cost and speed of goods or services, and even reduce communication barriers. However, these technological advances have come to cause some loss of privacy, since it has been disproportionately filled the internet with all the information that everyone who has access to this technology it stores consciously or even unconsciously. In this article we will see how to enjoy the benefits of technology without sacrificing our privacy

Technological innovations have moved beyond the importance of privacy protection as individuals, the result of this, the government or other parties interested in acquiring information, have easy access to data from online searches, purchases, location, etc., to personal data such as names, addresses, among others, and because of this, addition to lose privacy, is also at risk of losing control of personal information, and consequently losing’s safety.

Today access to Internet and various technological devices like cell phones, tablets, computers, speakers, etc., that the vast majority of people in the world has, makes everyone vulnerable, because although data seem to be safe in personal devices, people should be aware that any interaction with either financial or social purposes trade, which is conducted through cyberspace, is prone to someone somewhere can see, whether a person close or someone on the other side of the planet, anytime, anywhere.

Incongruously, people despite having knowledge that their data can either be made public and to know the consequences, continue share every detail of their daily lives, their travels, locations, meals, relationships, etc., as if doing so not have any negative consequences, however although these data are shared in “private” in their social networks, they are already in many other servers, where can begin spreading or illegal use, and this get to violate the privacy of individuals.

Is imperative to note that currently has more tools and advances in security as it relates to the Internet and caring for personal information, however, it does not mean that we should trust and not to prevent, as much remains more to do to continue better at it, and while users will becoming aware of the consequences of their actions in the digital age in terms of privacy, they will improve conditions for their safety.

There some actions you can take to protect your privacy:

  • Refrain from surfing the Internet or use electronic devices to share personal information.
  • Seek always have keys own access devices (fingerprints pins, etc.), or use cyberspace encrypting sensitive data.
  • Understand legal rights that are related to privacy, and if necessary act on them for protection.


The digital age is on rise every day, and today, electronic devices are able to perform actions such surprising to facilitate the daily life of mankind, although these actions sometimes come to break their privacy. Is important that, living in a world of technological innovation, people know threats that this entails and the same time make use consciously network and personal data on it are shared are known, as this is vital for live calmly knowing that’s privacy is safe.

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