Prototyping Services

The fast lane to successful innovation

Prototyping allows you to test, validate and improve at low-cost with no risk before you enter implementation, getting you to a more cost-effective and validated solution. Along with your team, we make ideas tangible, test in the real world and validate business models.

We combine a strategic focus and making power.
We are designers, engineers, strategists, consultants, and researchers.
All with a forward-looking, entrepreneurial and creative mindset.
Why companies prototype?
Risk Reduction.

A prototype tests some of the most difficult elements of the system/concept early on in the life-cycle.

‘Fail Fast, Fail Cheap’

The earlier a problem can be found the cheaper it is to address.

Customer feedback

Invaluable user/customer feedback as early as possible about your idea.


Rapid Prototyping

You already have an idea but want to put into action

Once you have a very basic idea for your product or feature, we help you visualize it – we deliver customer/user flow map and develop an interactive prototype that you can test with your customers

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award winning proof of concepts

Banking innovation comes to live

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Proof of concept

In a world where disruptive companies are innovating almost daily, INMEDIATUM helps businesses speed time-to-market, refine mature products, and reimagine the ways in which they engage customers through chip-to-cloud product engineering solutions

Our goal is to help our customers bring their products and services to life.

We help you to build a functional tech-driven prototype that can really be used by user, customers or investors with the purpose of testing and validate.

This is your feasible product / minimum viable product.

We prototype mobile and cross-device apps, platforms, experiences, IoT devices using cutting-edge technology

From software-driven health and fitness devices that track critical user data and save lives, to blended digital environments that bring together the best of online and offline shopping experiences,

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Vivid video demostration

Imagine no further, your ideas in the real world

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Vivid visualization video

See your ideas in action in the real world

The best and simple way to show your new idea or feature is through a story and the best way to tell a great story over and over is with a video.

We produce world-class videos that transform your ideas into vivid reality.

When your idea calls for something that doesn’t exist yet like a mail delivery robot from the future, the best way to put it on screen it’s with a 3D object, thereby we help you to design that object from the scratch, not just how it looks but also how it works merging architecture, digital, 2D and 3D design we build a realistic model.

From an enterprise cloud-based web solution to sci-fi interface we help you to transform your vision into a proof of concept video that illustrates a tangible solution, understandable and real; something that your audience could almost be felt

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Who needs prototypes?

Finding a product/market fit is hard. With incremental changes and constant iterations, it is possible. We help your startup design and build a minimum viable product to attract first customers or get your investors onboard.


Do you need prototype, proof-of-concept or visualization for new feature or product to get approval? Contact us to research and develop possible solutions. We start with a concept, deliver wireframes and interactive prototype.


Want to pitch a new project to your client and need to demonstrate the direction with detailed wireframes or interactive prototype? Our white label solution got you covered. Focus on your core business and let us do our job.

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