Empower your employees
and increase productivity

Become a mobile enterprise connecting employees and customers to in-the-moment data

Transform the way your company works
INMEDIATUM enterprise app development combines the power of enterprise data, analytics, and artificial intelligence with elegant user experience to fundamentally redefine how your employees interact, learn, connect, and perform.

Why working with us?

Enterprise Integration made easy
Our unique secure and scalable architecture design, API First enables to integrate easily all your data sources from multiple enterprise application such as SAP, MS Exchange, Oracle Siebel, SalesForce, G Suite, AWS data repositories, WMS among others
Arquitecto notificando ordenes de produccion

Mobile Production Planning boost productivity seamlessly integrated with SAP, MS Exchange, and other enterprise applications. Learn how productive your workforce could be when you are focused on doing business not worrying about systems integrations.

Your data is always safe.
We are GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI compliant and ISO 27001 certified.
representante farmacéutico - medico making mobile first pharma marketing

Redefining the medical rep – Doctor relationship. Explore how we partner with Pharmaceutical leader to empower doctors who attend depressive disorders

Deployment in Enterprise-grade devices
Hard-working people demand hardworking mobile solutions, Unleash your employee's productivity and take the most out of your investment in enterprise-grade mobile computers like Zebra MC3300, Honeywell CN80, CK75 among other Android Enterprise devices
control de inventarios

Perform inventory counting in a record time with no errors. Meet how me partner with a Hospital leader brand to boots productivity by integrating SAP warehouse management with Zebra MC3300 terminals.

User-centered UI design
Reduce human error and operation cost with well-designed user interface. INMEDIATUM design every solution focused on the user who will interact with the solution, we study their context, use cases, and error potential
On the Cloud, on-premise or hybrid
On the Cloud of our trusted partners Amazon AWS and IBM Cloud, at home or hybrid architectures. You choose.
Secure in-house deployment
With a comprehensive approach to security, scalable deployment and management options, we enable your business with everything you need to deploy apps in your business environment through Apple Enterprise Deployment, Google Play and custom deployment services
Maintenance & continual improvement
Support and maintenance for every solution, we are there when you need us. All customer support policies include a set of development hours to keep improving your solution
Ready to scale at your business pace.
From small teams to thousands of employees our solutions are built to be elastic and scale as you need, no more downtimes when running a successful marketing campaign. Deploy a solution from local pilot to a global scale in days.
From the warehouse to the sales floor or wherever your business begins and end INMEDIATUM enterprise app development services gives you and your business more power
Meet some customers
Delivery on time, error free

We partner with Tracomex to build a mobile delivery tracking solution to speed up car ship deliveries from Weeks to days and remove potential delivery errors.


Using artificial intelligence to empower salesforce and help them make smarter decisions to close more sales.


Perform inventory counting in record time with no errors. Meet how me partner with a Hospital leader brand to boots productivity by integrating SAP warehouse management with Zebra MC3300 terminals.

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