We partner with SiVale to empower their customer to check their pantry voucher balance and perform transfers among cardholders using text messages, cutting off 1-800 Calls cost


Fast growth brings new challenges. Customer in Mexico generates a tremendous amount of calls to the customer care 1-800 number every payday just to check their pantry voucher balance. They spend 6.7 minutes on average with the IVR system using in every call. Generating a spike in operational cost and customers annoyance. How do we improve customer experience and reduce costs?


We built a text messaging solution for Si Vale where customers can text their pantry voucher card number to a short code number to get their balance in real-time. Why using text in the Apps age?, Si Vale has a huge penetration in all market segments, texting allows mobile interaction with no smartphone or internet required.

Customers can also register their cellphone number as a trusted device online, so their phone number can be associated to their account and there is no need to text their card number anymore.

In one of our innovation workshops with the brand, we discovered that there are multiple customers within the same household, Mom and Dad work and receive their pantry vouchers in  Si Vale cards. They spend both cards balance in their household without being able to share or exchange their balance.

We enabled customers to do transfers among their Si Vale cards using text messages.

Customers only need to text the ‘transfer’ the amount and the recipient card number.

Artificial intelligence identifies the amount and card specified in the text so customers can send a text in a natural way.

Thanks to PCI compliance and seamless integration customers can transfer their balance from one card to another immediately.


82% less cost in 1-800 call in paydays

100K+ pantry voucher balance transfers monthly

Happier customers, less operation cost