Send money to mom with a push of a button

We partner with one of the world’s largest money transfer company to simplify recurrent transfers for one of the biggest remittance corridor USA – Mexico


Home is where your heart is, and sending money back home takes time,  fillip up forms every time is tedious. So then they made up an app that help saves you this time but How do we make it simpler?


As part of our innovation workshops, we help one of the world’s biggest remittance processor to simplify this process and create this proof of concept

You know how to press a button then you know how to send money internationally, just that easy.


The customer of digital channels such as Web or mobile apps could use it,  we link their account,  their favorite receiver and their usual amount to this elegant IoT button following PCI compliance and military grade encryption so they can send money to mom by pressing this button.

Due to compliance customers receive a text message in their registered phone to confirm the transaction and review the current terms and conditions including the exchange rate valid to the time of the transfer.


Transactions done in less than 10 seconds

90% of acceptance among all test customers