Moneyamigo's goal was to distinguish itself by offering money solutions that were fast, fair, and friendly. Created in collaboration with a bank that believed in giving back to its customers.


Banks are perceived expensive and boring, in fact, according to a Gartner study, 70% of account holders have a bank account in the bank chosen by their employers not the bank of their choice. How do we make a banking offer that people would be happy to choice and that provides real value?


We partnered with moneyamigo to bring to life a financial services solution, merging money and health solutions:

  • Cutting edge modern marketing
  • Progressive native mobile apps for both Android and iOS
  • Multiple services and vendor integration, including telemedicine

It targetted to the youngest generation. So, we changed all the rules as compared to most of the other leading financial offerings.

Together, we created a banking service with no waiting lines, no tedious paperwork, no hidden fees, and no headaches. We built a mobile solution with a tiered based membership.

Customer testimonies validated that we accomplished some of our most important challenges. We received accolades for allowing for fast money transfers, no training required, all completed by just a few taps.

Friendly service and convenience were the primary goals for the moneyamigo brand. So it was critical to be able to help customers while they were home. Therefore, we built the first banking assistant for Google Home, where customers can access their account using their smart speaker. Every transaction was PCI compliant and ISO 27001 certified. In the end, it combined a fun design with cutting edge technology to engage customers.

Moneyamigo disrupted an industry by combining a fun design with sophisticated technology to engage more customers.

moneyamigo launched at Finovate


An award winning app that includes Best of Show at Finovate

2K+ accounts created within the first 3 hours on launch day