Building the world's most friendly bank for your pocket


Banks are perceived expensive and boring, in fact, according to a Gartner study, 70% of account holders have a bank account in the bank chosen by their employers not the bank of their choice. How do we make a banking offer that people would be happy to choice and that provides real value?.


We partner with moneyamigo to bring to life a household’s solution product merging money and health solutions:


  • Making money stretch further effortlessly: Giving 1% cash back on a DEBIT card

  • Actively fighting predatorily lending: Offering 0% APR loan

  • Access to see a doctor: Unlimited access to see a doctor online


Targetted to the young generation that is changing the rules for most of the markets on Earth, Millenials.

No branches, no tedious paperwork, no hidden fees, no problems. We built a mobile-only solution for all membership levels

For moneyamigo is critical to stay reachable where their customers there thereby we help them to build the first banking assistant for Google Home, where customers can operate their account using their voice all a secure environment with PCI compliance and ISO 27001 certification.

moneyamigo launched at Finovate


Award winning app including best of the show at Finovate

2K+ accounts created in 3 hours on launch day