Money transfers from your smartwatch

Consumers love fun, smart wearable devices. So when we enabled money transfers via a smartwatch by a snap of the fingers, both our client and their customers were thrilled.


Businesses leaders constantly seek new ways to distinguish their brand in the market. When a leading financial company wants to become known as innovative, we had several obstacles to overcome. Sure, companies wish to use new tech to improve customer engagement, but it must fit into their strategic business model and also be profitable. So, how do we find a solution that makes sense for the consumer and for the brand?


We have experts that collaborate with you to match your business strategy with innovative tech solutions. We designed Inmediatum’s Enterprise Innovation Services to help you respond to the rapid evolution of mobile solutions. This progression includes manging more channels for customer engagement, flexible data integration, and scalable architecture. Our performance-based approach uncovers tactical and strategic opportunities for advancing your innovation plans.

For this customer case study, we designed a convenient and fun add-on to a mobile app. Our extension enabled customers to perform repetitive money transfers using their smartwatch. More and more consumers love wearable smart devices. So, we designed our innovative solution based on this hot trend.

Customers start by selecting the recipient and reception method.

Then the amount is set automatically based on the relevant transfer history.

money transfers smartwatch

If they want to assign a different amount, they can just tap on the mic icon and speak out the desired amount.

Navigation and app flow is intuitive and requires no training.

The customer confirms their funding option, which could be any of the options registered in their profile, such as bank account or credit card.

money transfers smartwatch

A summary of the transfer gets displayed by asking for confirmation. It is that simple and convenient.

However, we wanted to take the customer experience further. Our goal was to make the process convenient while also fun. So, we partnered with a sensor manufacturer to make us specific finger commands. Biometric signals generated by the tension and movement of tendons and body tissues on the wrist got transformed into electrical signals. Machine learning algorithm analyzes these signals and recognizes the gesture performed.

Our collaboration produced just the innovation breakthrough our customer was looking for. Now, customers perform money transfers by simply moving their fingers.

see finger gesture control in action


Less than 20 seconds to make an international money transfer

75% consumer adoption rate of the prototype design