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Mobilizing SAP Production Planning means overcoming some of the biggest business challenges. By mobilizing engineers, Herso avoids redundant and error-prone administrative tasks. Supply chain performance improves.


A successful business in the construction industry relies on optimizing supply and managing costs. This strategy requires a constant stream of relevant, accurate data flowing to decision-makers. Implementing SAP production planning is a significant investment to improve operations. How do we take this tech investment to the field where the actual work happens?


In the past, operations worked this way. Large companies with remote assets, such as factories, distribution hubs, power stations, make huge efforts to avoid unexpected downtime that reduce supply chain performance. Maintenance supervisors prioritize orders and prepare preventive maintenance activities. Daily plan documents are published and sent to field specialists or service engineers who do the work. Paper documents are filled out on-site by people in the field. At the end of the day or when possible, the completed forms get returned to the administrative support staff. The staff then type the data into an application, such as mySAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

We implemented a ‘go mobile first‘ strategy that enables construction staff to manage material request tickets. Engineers can request assets directly from the field via their tablets. Thus, eliminating wasted time and travel cost. No more going back to the office to deliver office material to data entry workers. Now, management receives necessary data immediately, giving them the power to manage cost and operations better.

Mobilizing SAP Production Planning

These devices are allowing resident engineers to notify work progress directly from the work zone in real-time.

Mobilize SAP Production Planning

Resident engineers can also perform quality control processes through a simple to use electronic forms. They can specify the root cause of material failures at the job site. Very important to do this as it happens to report error trends accurately. This timely reporting method means process adjustments have a much better chance of making a positive impact sooner. This on-site digital capture is just another example of taking the planning process mobile.

These devices are mobilizing SAP Production Planning!


20% less production cost

15% faster home construction speeds