Make every salesman a sales leader

Organizations seek to empower their salesforce with the best tools possible. Discover what happens when salespeople receive deep customer insights generated from AI (artificial intelligence). Learn how AI can capture, track, analyze, and report actionable insights.


There was a time where the best salesperson was the one with charming charisma, a big smile, and persuasive techniques. Today, sales may still benefit from a warm smile and a genuine relationship. However, the best salesperson is now the one with access to the best data and the right tools to learn insights from it. How do you empower a salesforce with the right data at the right time? How can you generate more sales, more customers, and consistently achieve the best results possible? How do you make every salesperson a sales leader?


We built a smart CRM integration solution for a premier video technology consulting firm. Essentially, this was a mobile app, AI-enabled, while powered by IBM Watson cognitive services. The key feature was analyzing and reporting sales lead information to the salesman working in the field.

While there are many CRM platforms available, we distinguished our solutions by incorporating add AI. Cognitive solutions became easily scalable, performance improved across a distributed environment, and data-driven decision-making possible.

When employees can find information quickly, they are more likely to deliver on their KPIs and be successful in their jobs. AI was the engine proving the speed in the analysis process. Additional benefits included team morale and collaboration, significantly improving.

We built this cognitive solution integrated with the marketing channels and enterprise data to calculate a predictive score of each lead. Our app allowed the salesforce to focus primarily on the deals with the highest probability of closing. Indeed, it did make every salesperson a sales leader.


120% more sales leads

67% increase in closed sales