Pharma leader

Redefining pharma reps and doctors relationship


The industry is continuously changing a major challenge is a continuous decline of access to the medical community. Today’s Physicians are overworked had minimal time and are being pressured not to see pharmaceutical Representatives they have also made it clear they perceive minimum value in such interactions. How does a leader of in the pharma industry adapt their research and change perception?


We implemented a revolutionary new personalized service experience and interaction design for GPs and psychiatrist;knowing no Doctor or practice is the same, this value-added service offers a unique experience tailored to meet individual needs

This new program is aimed to benefit the physician and the pharma reps. This mobile solution allows reps and physicians to get in touch in a close and personalized way, where physicians not just can request samples and also notify adverse cases but also work as window service to the concierge-like service between this doctor and the rep.


300% more time spend with physicians

Increased the quality of rep-doctor interaction