Making mobile first in pharma marketing

Technology in the pharmaceutical world is redefining the relationship between sales reps and physicians. We were one of the first to adopt a mobile app approach to bring the two together in a dynamic modern way. Start making mobile first in your pharma marketing mix.


The healthcare industry is continuously changing, but doctors always had to help their patients understand treatment and prescription options in a clear manner. Pharma reps have always been there as a partner, sharing industry knowledge with doctors. However, today’s physicians are overworked have even less time during work hours to see pharmaceutical representatives. Many have made it clear that such interactions must be less disruptive for patients. How does a leader in the pharma industry adapt their marketing and sales approach to keep sales partnerships strong with less impact to patient schedules?


Amazingly, not too long ago owning a cell phone was considered a luxury. Today, 95% of physicians use their mobile devices to educate themselves. Many research this way on a daily basis. With the explosion of mobile and tablet devices in healthcare, mobile isn’t just a channel. Mobile is a must-have strategy. In the pharma market, this opens up a new opportunity for real connections with patients and physicians.

We implemented a personalized service experience and interactive design. It targeted for GPs and psychiatrist. By knowing no medical practice is the same, we created a value-added service offering a unique experience tailored to meet individual user needs.

This new program was aimed to benefit the physician and the pharma reps. Our mobile solutions allow reps and physicians to communicate and stay connected when convenient for all parties. Physicians were empowered to request samples and notify reps about challenging cases. The doctors were happy because of the consistency with the information they were receiving. Reps had a new way to generate sales and build relationships. Ultimately, patients benefit when doctors and pharma are collaborating efficiently. This benefit is exactly why we are making moblie first for pharma marketing.


300% additional time spent with physicians

Increased communication quality & impact