Inventory counting control with SAP and Zebra MC3300 terminals

Perform inventory counting in record time with no errors. Meet how me partner with a Hospital leader brand to boots productivity by integrating SAP warehouse management with Zebra MC3300 terminals.


Running out of stock is critical for almost any business but it’s a life or death situation when you are talking about Hospitals. That is why doing physical counts of inventory is a fundamental task.  How do we reduce human error and speed up the process of physical counting of inventory?


We partner with BSolutions and a Hospital leader company based in Mexico to empower their employees with a mobile physical inventory counting solution integrated with their SAP system and terminals Zebra MC 3300 running Android.

Employees can log in the terminal app using their SAP credentials and from the generate new counting documents.

Some warehouses have no network connectivity, not a problem. The mobile solution allows the employee to work offline and perform all counting with no network access. Once the employee has network connectivity they just synchronized the terminal wirelessly using Wifi.

The user interface was designed for high performance, employees can use either the touchscreen or physical buttons in their terminal alike depending on their convenience.


97% less human errors

Physical counting is 3x faster