Inventory management with SAP and Zebra MC3300 terminals

Take an inventory count in record time with no errors. Discover how we partnered with a major hospital and boosted productivity by integrating SAP warehouse management with the Zebra MC3300.


Running out of stock is a critical error for most businesses. However, when you’re managing a hospital, the consequences are dire. Lives are potentially at risk. Precisely for this crucial reason, when stocktaking at a hospital, the counts must error-free. How do we remove human error while speeding up the process of performing inventory counts?


We partnered with BSolutions and a major private hospital based in Mexico. Together we designed a winning solution that improved inventory management. The idea was to use customized Zebra terminal with a long-range scanner built on top of the Android OS. The Zebra was customized to synch data with their SAP platform. The combination empowered hospital employees with a modern mobile physical inventory counting solution.

Our system also focused on ease of use. For example, employees logged in the terminal using their known SAP credentials. From there, they can get right into the apps and generate new counting documents. Some warehouses have no network connectivity, but this too was solved. The mobile solution allows the employee to work offline and perform all counting with no network access. As soon as the employee moves to a location with network connectivity, the data previously saved automatically gets uploaded using wifi.

Just as it for this customer, software customization is often crucial for project success. It also means getting the optimal return on your IT investment. Most likely, your organization could benefit from a software plan unique to your organization.

inventory management with SAP


97% fewer human errors

3x faster than physical counting