Hogares Herso

The delivery department needed better access to public notaries. The solution: A modern deeds registration system using a web-based solution. This change sped up the entire home ownership delivery process. Now the processing cycle went from taking weeks to only days.


Keeping every customer happy is very challenging. Especially true when you have to manage hundreds of homeownership documents. More and more get generated every week. The leadership at Hogare Herso understood the fundamental issue facing the organization. This problem was spending too much time manually processing paperwork. Process cycle speed often means the difference between a happy or angry client.

Additionally, the customer rarely forgives any paperwork error, which causes further delay. Plus, the operational costs kept increasing over the years. Improving a deeds registration process from a manual system to an automated one offered a great opportunity. But how to speed up this process without sacrificing security and compliance?


This case study is about how we built a simple to use and secure deeds registration system. Now, public notaries can collect digital copies of customers files. They can quickly review and analyze electronic documents. Eligibility can be issued faster than ever. Workflow further streamlined by providing SAP integration.

The critical compliance obstacle was eventually overcome. It was done by providing very thorough security. To achieve a baseline level that was accepted by all parties, notaries gained access to our platform by multi-factor authentication (MFA). This authentication method is where a computer user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism. After combining MFA with authorized GPS locations of the notary’s access points, our entire platform was overwhelming endorsed.

Because of our authentication model, notaries started to use the electronic system. Electronic automation, SAP integration, and a strong security model were all contributing factors. In the end, we improved the overall customer experience, while improving the deeds registration system.

improving deeds registration system
improving deeds registration system
improving deeds registration system


Deeds registration process increased to 2X faster

35% improvement rate in customer satisfaction