Ordering pizza from your Samsung Smart TV


Imagine watching a mouthwatering commercial. After watching it, the desire is peaking. What if you could easily buy the product you’ve just seen advertised? Plus you can complete the transaction without leaving the TV environment. This would take a user’s shopping experience to a new level.

Living in the new digital age means our TV connects to the internet. As such, purchasing products and services from your smart tv is a possibility. While this is true, how to you bring this to life? How do you extend this concept to consumer food delivery and create a new marketing channel to advertise on?

How can you renew a well-known task like ordering pizza and make it even easier? Let consumers talk to their smart TV and ask for their favorite menu item. Regardless of using a voice command or using a remote, the trick is to make the transaction easy to complete.


Using Domino’s Tracker technology, we implemented Easy Order on the Samsung Smart TVs.

This meant users were able to place their commonly requested orders without missing a moment of their favorite show, sport, or scene.

Consumers described ordering pizza from a smart tv as convenient and fun.

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560K+ installations

Significant improvement in brand perception as an innovative company