"Alexa, I need a dentist..." - We partner with major dentist discount network to book dentist appointments cover by customer's membership


The first smart speaker, Echo, was released by Amazon at the end of 2014. Since then, smart speakers have been dominating in the electronic consumer market.  Businesses are using it to improve their day to day operations and deliver better customer service.

So, while we live in the age of smart speakers, supercomputing, and artificial intelligence, we still neeed to accomplish our tedious but yet we need to grab our insurance policy, browse the internet, pick the phone to make an appointment to some dentist covered by our insurance. How do we simplify this process and at the same time we improve the old-fashion perception of a major dental insurance brand?


We built a friendly Amazon Echo skill to assured customers of a major dental insurance company based in the USA.

After a one time procedure to install the skill and verify their identity by entering policy number and cellphone number, customers only need to say: “Alexa, find me a dentist”.

Our Alexa skill will process the request considering customer policy coverage, location, opened insurance claims, holidays, dentist location, and dentist availability. Alexa will reply with a few names of the top rated dentist nearby. Customers can ask for the next available appointment for a specific dentist or even the dentist specialty.

Thanks to the integration with IBM Watson cognitive services, this Alexa skill allows having a natural and fluent conversation with customers so it can handle schedule issues to avoid appointments overlapping. Once the appoint is confirmed by the customer, they receive a text message with their confirmation number.

Customers are reminded via a text message and they receive an automatic phone call to confirm the appointment, in this call they can reschedule or confirm the appointment.


35% reduction of no-shows

Improvement in Brand perception as fresh and innovative insurance company