We partner with Tracomex to build a mobile delivery tracking solution to speed up car ship deliveries from Weeks to days and remove potential delivery errors.


The growing demand for new cars becomes challenging when you handle nationwide shipping operations from most of the major car manufacturers in Mexico. How do we reduce the time of shipping so customers can get their new car faster?


We partner with Tracomex to built a mobile delivery tracking system that simplifies to shipment process of Car shipping and tracks the delivery trip in compliance with Mexican regulation NOM-SCT-2-087-2017.

No shipment mistakes. Shipment area employees can verify shipment manifest using their smartphone to scan Car’s VIN (vehicle identification number) so they can start a new delivery.

Smart digital tachograph onboard to tracks driving hours, rest hours, number of stops, average speed, real-time location, trip route among others in compliance with Mexican regulation for transporters NOM-SCT-2-087-2017.  Also allows the driver to track delivery anomalies or car damaged.

Once the driver delivers a unit the delivery receipt is generated automatically and automatically sends a new electronic invoice to the customer.


End customer receives new Cars 2.5X faster

32% of less logistic cost due to error reduction