Money transfers from your smartwatch

We enabled customers of one the biggest remittance processor to perform money transfers using their smartwatch or just by snapping their fingers


As part of our continuous innovation service with partner a major remittance money transfer companies to change the perception of their brand and make them innovative and avant-garde while simplifying the process of sending money to abroad.


We build a simple to use and delightful add-on for their mobile app to enable customers to perform recurrent transfers using their smartwatch.

Customers start by selecting the recipient, and reception method

Then the amount is set automatically based on the transfers history of for selected recipient.

If they want to assign a different amount they can just tap on the mic icon and speak out the desired amount.

Easy navigation with swipes to move on.

Customer confirms their funding option which could be any of the option already registered in their profile such as bank account or credit card.

A summary of the transfer is displayed asking for confirmation. Is that simple and convenient.

However, we wanted to go further,  we thought this could even simpler and funnier, so we partner with Finland based sensor manufacturer to elaborate a finger control gesture so we could the same operation but just by moving your fingers, no need to touch any screen either watch or phone.

The result, the most accurate sensor for wrist devices capable of monitoring the fingers movements and gestures. The biometric signals generated by the tension and movement dynamics of the tendons and body tissues on the wrist are transformed into electrical signals. Machine learning algorithm analyzes these signals and recognizes the gesture performed.

Now users can operate the money transfer app using their finger gestures only

see finger gesture control in action


Less than 20 seconds to make a international money transfer

75% of good acceptance for this prototype