Making of every salesman your best salesman

Using artificial intelligence to empower salesforce and help them make smarter decisions to close more sales.


There was a time where the best salesman was the one with charming charisma, a big smile, and persuasive techniques. Today the best salesman is the one who is able to orchestrate data and processes in the right timing. How do we empower salesforce with the right data in the right time to make them take smarter decisions?


We built a smart CRM integration solution for a premier video technology consulting firm powered by IBM Watson cognitive services to assists their salesforce.

The mobile CRM integration provided lead’s information while salesman are on the go

Not very impressive compared with all other CRM out there but when we incorporated AI thinks changed.

Cognitive solutions are easily scalable, improve performance across a distributed environment, and enable data-driven decision-making

When employees can find information quickly, they are more likely to deliver on their KPIs and be successful in their jobs, which significantly improves their morale and engagement at work.

We built this cognitive solution integrated with the marketing channels and ERP to calculate a predictive score of each lead so the salesman can focus first on the deals that a high score. Allowing them to identify the probability of each deal.


120% more sales follow up

67% sales closing