Hogares Herso

Connecting the delivery department with Public notaries with deeds registration web solution to speed up house delivery process from weeks to days


Keeping customers happy is challenging when you have to deliver hundreds of houses every week. Deeds registration is a manual process that consumes time sometimes too much time that could be the difference between a happy or angry customer, not t mention the operational cost involved it error occurred.  How do we speed up this process without sacrificing security and compliance?


We built a deeds registration platform fully secure where Public Notaries collect digital copies of customers files to collate these files and if the file is eligible then issue the Deeds registration integrated with SAP.

Notaries have to access to the platform using a multifactor login technology which verifies user, password, dynamic password and the authorized GPS location of where the notary is trying to access from all military grade encrypted.

Once logged, Notaries have access to the customer’s expedient assigned to each of them to issue its Deeds. Here Notaries can review all documents attached to each expedient and can add new documents generated.

Once the expedient is done and ready to registration, the notary has to capture their dynamic password or security token as a digital signature. This generates automatically a new PO in SAP.


Deeds registration process 2X faster

35% improvement in customer satisfaction