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A Passionate Group


We are humans who honor life by creating simple to use and yet robust solutions to solve the world’s most complex problems using innovation strategy and leading-edge technology.

We believe that technology should be used to empower people to become better, better doctors, architects, artists, chefs, advisors and investors, better mothers and sisters, better humans.

We foster the use of technology with the only purpose of empowering people to be their best and we call it, humanized technology.

Executive team

Aldo Barba

Chief Research & Officer

Héctor Salcido

Customer Success Manager North América & Europe

Erik Anaya

Customer Success Manager LATAM & Emerging Markets

Carla Serrato

Chief Opportunity Officer

Carlos Serrato

Chairman & Investment Officer

Carmen López

Vice president of Operations LATAM

Cristopher Serrato

Chief Disruption Officer

Why we do it?

We believe that technology is nothing without humans.

Technology is absolutely fantastic for the exchange of information and the sharing of ideas, technology is absolutely wonderful for speeding transactions, it’s excellent for resourcing and finding people but it is terrible for creating human connections.

The world has changed, we live in an era where companies have the option to adapt to major change or die. However, we believe that today people and companies have the potential to disrupt and generate change and create an impact on a wider scope than ever before through innovation and technology.

We innovate because we aim to serve and empower people who visualize a new and better future for everyone, creating their own destiny, changing and inventing something disruptive not due to coercion but because of a desire to transform their industry, their community, their lives, making for a better, smarter and brighter tomorrow.

At INMEDIATUM we facilitate human interactions between people and companies that make them grow and thrive using technology, again it is humanized technology.

What is innovation?

Innovation is the process to transform an idea or invention in a good or service that creates value and which our customers are willing to pay for. Here are the keywords are ‘creates value’.

It’s not about reinventing the wheel but how to use the existing resources in the best way possible so they can work better today.

Why is innovation important for companies?

Things change, everything is always changing, the market, the economy, the society, the environment and if we only care to adapt to this change, this means doing only enough to survive, then we are doomed to disappear.

Innovation for a company is not adapting to change, it means embracing the ‘change’ to transform ourselves and evolve into something better, something that puts us at the top of our industry. We morph into something stronger, faster, and smarter providing us business advantages.

To highlight how a change in your thought process can create opportunity let's consider the story of the Cirque du Soleil. While other circuses were competing to have the most exotic animals, Cirque removed all animal acts and created a new target audience. Today, they are one of the biggest entertainment companies taking in over 1 billion dollars a year.

Innovation is important to companies for the simple reason that if we don't innovate we disappear.


INMEDIATUM, an Apple mobility partner, is working with Apple to drive mobile-led business transformation and championing iOS to deliver mobile excellence to the enterprise. As experts in mobile consulting, design and the development of best in class, bespoke iOS applications, INMEDIATUM is working with Apple to drive innovation, productivity and efficiency to the enterprise through the use of mobile. More about this partnership
Samsung has partnered with INMEDIATUM as part of its initiative to grow it share of the mobile business market. This partnership focuses on our bespoke android development capabilities and we are also working together to explore and develop location-based technologies and targeting capabilities for Samsung. More info
Urban Airship is a leading provider of end-to-end push messaging management. As a user centric company, INMEDIATUM has partnered with Urban Airship to provide our clients with the capability to maximise adoption of their offerings and improve engagements with end users through the use of this technology.

Successful Innovation

Grow your business using successful innovation
INMEDIATUM is a global innovation agency that enables ambitious brands in highly crowded and competitive FMCG, Retail and OTC markets to grow through innovation.

Making change happen
At INMEDIATUM, we help define what success means to you and what innovative practices and techniques you can adapt to be market leaders in your segment.

Experts at growing your business through innovation
We will work together to clearly map out the customer journey, highlight consumer needs, gaps and opportunities in your markets. We do this by using a series of proven innovation techniques and proprietary IP that can be tuned and contextualized for your business. We are focused on creating innovative solutions ready to launch on time and on budget.

Let us help you
Protect what you have by staying fresh and relevant to your customers.
Grow your market share by encouraging new followers and building up the loyalty of existing customers. Transform markets and brands by shaping the future with materializing new ideas into original products and services.